Check Cashing
With over 20 years of experience in the Check Cashing and Financial Services Industry, LMI offers a full range of bookeeping, audit, and compliance advisory services to the Check Cashing Community. 
With the ever increasing regulation and compliance required from the Banking Services industry, the standards of internal controls and accounting systems require service from professionals experienced with the financial service industry, and LMI is second to none among accounting service providers in the Tri-State area.

Restaurant / Food & Beverage
Restaurants face a unique combination of challenges in order to maintain profitability.  Rising operating costs, increased competition, and changing customer spending patterns require any successful restaurant to pay attention to its labor and product costs, as they relate to sales.  LMI has a strong understanding of the restaurant industry.  Our staff is experienced with the unique cash flows involved, including tip, wage, and sales tax reporting; when compared against sales, certain costs can indicated what changes need to be made to run a food service business profitably and successfully. 

LMI services a range of wholesale beverage and food distributors as well, and is experienced with the reporting requirements and profit structures of the industtry.

From startup self employed contractors to companies with over 10 years of operating experience, our firm can help manage and maintain today's contractors' compliance reporting.  We maintain all necessary tax and subcontracted labor filings, while monitoring officers' compensation requirements as necessary. Workers' Compensation and insurance audits can be conducted at our office, minimizing the costs of estimated premiums and non-compliance penalties.  

Real Estate
Our office offers a full line of service to real estate clients.  From entity selection at startup, to providing fully Certified Audits and budgetary analysis, LMI can provide affordable, responsive service.  All aspects of the realty industry are addressed, including entity formation, tax preparation, RPIE filings, and acquisition analysis.  

Legal, Professional, & Self Employed Professionals
Self started, solely held service providers have seen accellerated growth in the last decade.  Legal practitioners, IT professionals, medical service providers and even day care centers are just a few of the personal service providers that often begin with minimal startup capital, but experience incredible growth potential.  Our office is a core resource for many of these businesses. 

Whether it's direction in forming a corporation or an LLC, or if your goal is in maintaining the necessary tax compliance required during the year, you'll need the services of a capable year-round tax preparer.